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Americana Daily - April 15th, 2015

"The King is Gone is full to the brim with the musical impressions of some of the great outlaw country ramblers - Paycheck, Reeves, Haggard, Nelson & Cash. Traditional country music with a distinctive contemporary twist."

Girls Play Pedal Steel Too

Click Below to read an article featuring our pedal steel player Anne Werbitsky 

Review in Country Music People Magazine

 ( 4/5 Stars )  ....  more traditional country music from Canada's new wave...... this band is probably red hot live!

Paul Riley, Country Music People Magazine ( UK ), December 2011


15 Roots Music Artists To Catch at NXNE

 Ornery good ole country music about drinkin’ and screwin’ around and havin’ a good time. They even have a song about how they sound better if you’re drunk. If I say this is a perfect band to play The Dakota at 2 in the morning, Toronto folk will know what to expect.

Richard Flohil  for FYI Music Music

A Show Review from " Songs and Cigarettes"

Cameron House saw our last, most easily recollected stop of the afternoon .... On a whim we stumbled in for a last shot at live music ..... Lo and behold, it was another gem.  Bourbon ballads sung from the clad in plaid country voices of Big Tobacco and the Pickers. A six-piece act of various shapes, sizes, and ages, the rag tag band brings some of the best country music I’ve ever had the chance to see.  Encompassing the tried and true philosophy that one can only roll with the punches, the songs can be as devastatingly grim as they are knee-slappingly catchy. 
Hell, I even bought the first CD since I don’t know when.

Songs and Cigarettes